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Amber Malt is a very lightly roasted Chocolate Malt and this reduces the harsh flavours associated with higher coloured roasted products. This leaves ... more info
Black Malt with a standard colour of 1300° EBC is obviously of primary use for its colouring value. It is historically the key ingredient in Porter ... more info
Traditionally Brown Malt was produced on a special kiln which was heated by wooden poles and faggots. Hornbeam faggots were the most commonly used ... more info
With the help of the beer tasting panels from Brewing Research International, a new low colour roasted caramel malt with defined flavour was ... more info
CaraMalt is a very low colour Crystal Malt which has an almost completely glassy endosperm. It contains a greater degree of sweetness and stronger ... more info
Chocolate Malt shares many of the characteristics of Black Malt but because it is roasted for a slightly shorter period of time and end temperatures... more info
Crystal Malt is the most widely used coloured malt in the UK and is a standard constituent of a typical ale grist. It is primarily known for its... more info
Roasted Barley's primary use is in the production of stouts. The intensive roasting process and very high end temperatures impart a very... more info
Displaying 1 to 8(of 8 products)

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